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For eight years I served as the Director of Communications of Sidley Austin in Chicago. I also have 15 years' experience as a journalist, serving as Editor and Publisher of the American Bar Association Journal, the National Law Journal, Lawyers Alert (renamed Lawyers Weekly) and other news publications. I have won numerous journalism awards, including the 2003 Edge Award, for writing the best article published in the ABA's Law Practice Management magazine.

I practiced law in Madison, Wisconsin and am a cum laude graduate of both Seton Hall University J.D., 1981 and Amherst College B.A., 1972.

I speak extensively on marketing topics and am available for partner retreats and keynote addresses. During the last several years I have made presentations for the Legal Marketing Association, Pitney Bowes Management Services, the Community Association Institute, the Meritas legal network, ABA TechShow, LegalTech, the Chicago Bar Association, the Association of Legal Administrators, the Practice Development Institute, the Marketing Directors Institute, ACLEA (the Association for Continuing Legal Education) and the Hildebrandt Institute. I've presented a series of online educational Web Seminars on marketing for the last two years.

Personality Profile

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I am an ESTJ. This means I am an Extrovert who (S) bases decisions on fact, and thus am realistic and practical. I recommend solutions based on Thinking and logic, and (J) work in a planned orderly way, so that matters are structured and organized. This is the ideal personality type for a lawyer or an entrepreneur.

ESTJ people like to organize projects and then act to get things done. Reliance on thinking makes them logical, analytical, objectively critical, and not likely to be convinced by anything but reasoning.

They like to organize facts, situations and operations related to a project and make a systematic effort to reach their objectives on schedule. They have little patience with confusion or inefficiency and can be tough when the situation calls for toughness.

They are able to see present realities and turn them into future possibilities. This makes them matter-of-fact, practical, realistic and concerned with the here-and-now. They use past experience to help them solve problems and want to be sure that ideas, plans and decisions are based on solid fact.

They like jobs where the results of their work are immediate, visible and tangible. They have a natural bent for business, industry and production. Getting things done is their strong suit.